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Policies & Procedures - Contagions

This Contagions section of the ORM RMP addresses Cleaning & Sanitizing, Communication, Food Service, and Health & Hygience (including Surveillance, Illness, Isolation & Quarantine). See disease-specific ENHANCEMENT sections for temporal procedures.
Our Procedures comply with Agencies’ guidelines for Day Camps, Dining, Lodging, Offices, and Outdoor Recreation.
Cleaning & Sanitizing [Disinfecting / Sanitizing]
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided to staff pursuant to their assigned duties.
  • Equipment, Indoor
  • Bluetooth/DVD Players, Marker Boards & Markers, Remote Controls, and Televisions are disinfected with a SARS-CoV-rated disinfectant between each guest group.
  • Appliances, faucets, furniture, knobs, and switches are sprayed with SARS-CoV-rated disinfectant between each guest group.
  • Faucets, freezers, refrigerators, showers, and toilets are additionally scrubbed/wiped as needed for visible cleanliness.
  • Equipment, Outdoor
  • Basketballs, Bows & Arrows, Croquet Mallets & Balls, Gaga Balls, Horseshoes, Kayaks, Paddleboards, Personal Flotation Devices (PFD), and Volleyballs are not normally, manually disinfected because of the natural, disinfecting properties of solar radiation, and the natural, adhesion and polarity solvency effects of water.
  • Sand Wheelchairs are thoroughly sprayed with SARS-CoV-rated disinfectant each night before storage.
  • Facilities
  • Dining Hall
  • Equipment, fixtures and tables are cleaned and the floor swept to Agencies’ specifications after each meal.
  • Additionally, the floor is mopped at least once daily as per Agencies’ specifications.
  • Health Center
  • Equipment, fixtures and furnishing are cleaned & sanitized after each use as detailed above.
  • The Health Center remains locked between uses to ensure cleanliness when needed.
  • Lodging & Meeting Rooms
  • Trash is removed twice daily by ORM staff when guests prepare their own meals.
  • Paper towels and toilet paper are checked daily by staff, and replenished as needed.
  • Mattresses are dusted and sprayed with SARS-CoV-rated disinfectant between each guest group.
  • Floors are swept & mopped, or vacuumed if carpeted, between each guest group.
  • Occupancy is limited to applicable Fire Marshall stipulations.
  • Bed Counts in each sleeping room are based on Agencies’ physical spacing and cubic air space standards:
  • 72 inches horizontal distances between heads of bed occupants,
  • 36 inches between beds,
  • 30 inches of distance from the top of the bottom bunk to the bottom of the top bunk.
  • Offices
  • Disinfecting wipes and SARS-CoV-rated disinfectant spray are maintained at shared workstations and each staff member wipes down desk and equipment, and sprays the workstation’s chair before use.
  • Disinfecting wipes and SARS-CoV-rated disinfectant spray are also maintained in the staff restroom and applied by individual staff members as the facilities are utilized.
  • Routine cleaning is performed weekly.

  • Communication
  • Camp websites, contracts, pre-camp correspondence, and in-camp and in-lodge postings promote personal hygiene.

  • Food Service
  • Camp-provided meals comply with Agencies’ guidelines for self-serve buffet lines and beverage bars.

  • Health & Hygiene [Health Monitoring]
  • Screening
    Traditional, Residential Campers, Self-Organized Groups’ Leaders and Participants, Staff, and Day Campers are all instructed to NOT come to camp if they exhibit any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell:
  • Right to Refuse Service
  • ORM has added the following to each guest contract executed after June 1, 2020: [ORM Camp Name] reserves the right to NOT admit persons who pose a communicable disease risk to others.

  • Illness, Isolation & Quarantine
  • Campers who become ill are sent home with a parent/guardian. If a parent/guardian is not on-site with the camp/retreat, a parent/guardian is called to pick-up the child.
  • While awaiting pick-up, children who manifest symptoms of a respiratory illness, or who complain of respiratory issues, are isolated in the camp health center under adult–Safe Sanctuaries-compliant–supervision.
  • Each site maintains a Camp Register to facilitate contact of campers, staff members, and user groups. User Groups are required to maintain and present their own camp register to site hosts upon arrival.
  • All camper illnesses are recorded in the respective camp’s Health Log by date and time with the camper’s name, symptom(s) description, and any administered First Aid. Camper and group records include parent/guardian and group leader contact information which can be accessed for follow-up contact.
  • If more than one camper from a camp unit (group/cohort), exhibits the symptoms of a respiratory illness, the entire housing unit is instructed to quarantine and self-monitor (camp nurse or building chaperone as most appropriate), for 24 hours, excepting check-out mornings.